Surgical & Non-Surgical Periodontal Therapy

Crown Lengthening – Including functional and smile makeover:
Esthetic crown lengthening and advanced procedures to fix “GUMMY SMILE“):
A broken that may not have not tooth showing in the mouth could still be rescued. Crown lengthening procedure is usually a simple procedure of reducing either both or one of the tissue surrounding the tooth (Soft and hard tissue). Bone and/or gum tissue may be removed to allow more tooth structure above the gum line for a crown (or cap). Sometimes cavities can extend deep below the gum line and can be impossible to clean out and fill without an additional procedure called crown lengthening. Alternatively, failure to perform crown lengthening can sometimes result in the placement of filling or crowns so deep under the gums that is may become a chronic source of pain, inflammation, and discomfort.

Exposure of Impacted Canine
Sometimes missing teeth in teens could remain stuck under the bone and the gum. Similarly, to wisdom teeth, canines (the eye teeth) are impacted and may require surgical exposure to access the tooth and pull it into proper alignment with orthodontics. In coordination with the orthodontics and with the use of different radiograph modalities, we can identify exactly where the tooth located for perfect exposure, ensuring that the tooth is surrounded by healthy bone and gum.

Flap Surgery/ Osseous Surgery
Gum disease is a progressive disease that occurs when excessive plaque and tartar buildup around the tooth attract bacteria. Scientifically we usually say, “Gum disease is caused by biofilm and host response”. It has been shown that more than 75% of Americans have some level of gum disease and only some end up seeking treatment. People who smoke and diabetics are at higher risk of developing this disease. If left untreated, gum disease can destroy the supporting structures around your teeth which may eventually lead tooth loss. Even though not painful because of it chronic nature, gum disease has been linked to cancer, diabetes, heart conditions, Alzheimer, rheumatoid arthritis and cardiovascular diseases. This is a preventable and treatable condition but there is no cure. We offer advanced periodontal therapy such as osseous/flap surgery and non-surgical to get gum disease under control.

Non-surgical periodontal management

Scaling and Root planning (Infection control for people with bone and gum diseases around teeth)

Your teeth are moving- No problems; we could help you maintain your natural teeth as long as you need to; Oral health management for patients with mild to complex systemic medical history (Diabetes, heavy smokers, heart conditions etc…)

Treatment of peri-implantitis (gum and bone problems around implants)

Tissue (GUM) Graft

What is gum recession?
Gum recession, or “gingival recession” is a condition where the gum moves from its natural position downward (mandible) or upward (Maxillary) exposing the sensitive root surfaces of a tooth. Reversing gum recession is not just a cosmetic concern. Root exposure can sometimes be very sensitive and increases the risk of cavities along the gum line, and may even cause bone loss or tooth loosening.

Gum Graft: Leaving gum recession untreated, will most likely lead more gum recession overtime. There are many different options for treating gum recession and the key factor is treating it as early as possible.

Subepithelial connective tissue graft for root coverage (for sensitivity, cosmetic etc…) This procedure involves removing some of the tissue from underneath your gums on the roof of the mouth and placing it over the area of recession.

Pedicle graft

Double papilla graft

Keratinized tissue graft (to increase good light pink tissue protecting your teeth)

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